About Us

Hi, I'm Zoey.

Welcome to The Magnolia Loft.

I work from my home-based studio where I enjoy creating, ideating and having people over to share their stories (and food). In 2016, I picked up floristry as a hobby and a way to get my hands crafting. Fast forward a few months later, The Magnolia Loft was birthed.

I find beauty in the classics - a bouquet of red roses is always romantic and a vase of white roses is never out of style. Add a little rustic and that's what you're likely to find in our creations.

Flowers are not just ephemeral beauty that we admire. We find them interwoven into the human story - celebrations of life, joy, union and bittersweet endings. And that's at the heart of what brings meaning to us at The Magnolia Loft, being a little detail in the chapters of your story. 

If you'd like us to be part of your story, email us at info@themagnolialoft.com.
We'd love to hear from you. :)